Simple Tricks for a Clutter-free Home

by Maids of Jacksonville Team - November 28, 2019

You want your house to look neat and immaculate at all times. However, you might feel that there is just too much housework, making you overwhelmed and uncertain where to start. The beginning is always crucial, and when it comes to cleaning, the first step will be decluttering your home. For that reason, the superior maid service in Jacksonville Beach, Fl can teach you how to declutter your home in no time.

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Why do you need to declutter your home?Why do you need to declutter your home

Even if it may seem to you like nothing but a pesky chore, decluttering plays a key role in your household and has several advantages:

Facilitating the cleaning process

You can’t begin to clean unless you get rid of the possessions that tend to get in the way. Such items need to be either moved to another room while you clean, or dumped altogether. Not having to maneuver around all sorts of obstacles as you dust, or vacuum will make the whole process hassle-free, and save a lot of your precious time.

Freeing up space

Space is a prerequisite of your normal everyday functioning. Without it, not even the most straightforward duties can be carried out. Whether you are working on your computer, or making dinner, the irritating mess around you can be present in your mind constantly, hindering productive work.

Saving you money

Clearly, the more stuff you buy, the more money you are going to spend. Yet, even if you got some of your belongings for free, they must demand some sort of maintenance. To prevent any unnecessary expenditure, go around the house and see which items you find absolutely essential, and which you can dispense with.

How do I declutter my house?

Professionals have a specific approach to each room of the house. They know exactly how best to clean the bathtub and shower, they know the optimal ways to keep the tiles clean and they certainly know the finest methods of washing and cleaning the curtains. Below is an overview of how they do it in each room of the house.


Your primary assistants in your kitchen will be the kitchen cabinets. Try to fit as many dishes and groceries in them, but be careful not to overcrowd them. Mounting a rack on the back of the cabinet, or a roll-out rack should come in handy. Additionally, get a pegboard, or a suspended pan rack to free up more space and have your utensils readily available.


Here, you want to make the most out of the space under your sink. It is ideal for placing labeled baskets used for sorting objects according to your preference. This will make your bathroom look much more spacious.


If your closets are packed, stop filling them with more clothes and opt for an alternative. One of your options is using vacuum storage bags and putting them in your under-the-bed storage. Moreover, to keep laundry from piling up on your bed, add a hamper on either side.

Living room

This is probably the most cluttered room in your home, given that you usually spend most of your time there. To make it neat, remove as many objects as possible from your coffee table. Then, empty your bookcases and decide what stays, and what gets thrown away. Finally, designate a particular area for storing electronics, keys, and similar items, so that you always know where to find them.

Where do I start decluttering?Where do I start decluttering

The starting location of the process depends on the degree to which each of your room is cluttered. You should make a plan beforehand categorizing the rooms according to their respective degrees. For instance, your kitchen could be assigned a 1 on a scale of 1-4 (4 being the most cluttered), and you could give your bathroom a 2.

You could also start in the room you find the most important, regardless of how cluttered it is. If you consider that you need your bedroom clean right now, it will be the highest on your priority list, and your starting point. On the other hand, if you have guests coming over, it is advisable that you do the living room first, and dedicate some attention to your bathroom as well, since it’s where they typically hang out with you.

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Decluttering is only the first stage of cleaning your home. The process entails a myriad of techniques that are best implemented by professionals. So, save yourself some time and effort, and let Maids of Jacksonville connect you with meticulous cleaning experts who will not let you down.

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