A Spotless Home: The Mark of True Cleaning Professionals

by Maids of Jacksonville Team - June 7, 2019

A clean, tidy, decluttered home is a dream of many homeowners. How can you clean your house as the professionals do it, and how to recognize the best Southside FL maid service that can make your living space healthy and cozy for your friends and family? The finest maid services in Southside FL reveal all you need to know, giving you the essential tips and tricks on how to clean quickly, teaching you how often your home needs maintenance, and showing you what a professional house cleaning checklist looks like.

How can I make my house clean easier?

What is a professional house cleaning checklistLiving in a modern family is a true gift, but it also brings a lot of challenges, as it becomes harder and harder to balance your career and the time you wish to spend with your family and friends. Keeping your home clean and presentable remains an additional struggle that comes with the modern times, as sometimes we simply can’t find the time to make it all work as we would hope it to.

Luckily, not all hope is lost. If you follow these simple steps, you can take care of your family oasis efficiently and (almost) effortlessly.

  1. Start off with the bedrooms. Before you go to work and get your kids to school, make sure all the beds in your home are made. This is a quick task that takes little effort and makes the bedrooms look way better instantly.
  2. Empty and load the dishwasher in the morning. Professional home cleaners suggest that you should always load the dishwasher during the day, and leave it on during the night. This way, you can empty it in the morning, loading it with dirty dishes from the breakfast before the family exits the house. This will keep smelly and unsightly plates and cutlery out of sight until the dishwasher is full and ready to do its work again.
  3. Wipe your sinks and faucets daily. This will keep them germ-free and looking good for your family and your guests.
  4. Include your family, and let everyone help out as much as they can. Even little children can do some small chores, and if they start young, they will be more likely to assist you in keeping the home tidy when they’re older.
  5. When cleaning becomes overwhelming, consider hiring professional maids. If you are a career-oriented individual who prefers spending free time relaxing or bonding with the people you love, delegate your house chores to the pros ready to make your place shine in no time.

What is a professional house cleaning checklist?

How can I make my house clean easierIf you’ve been wondering how the professionals approach home cleaning tasks, the time has come to become familiarized with a typical professional house cleaning checklist you should always have in mind. This checklist includes:

  1. Dusting and vacuuming every room.
  2. Wiping kitchen counters and bathroom surfaces.
  3. Moping the floors in every room.
  4. Decluttering and taking out the trash.
  5. Making the beds and airing the premises.
  6. Specific cleaning practices (including wiping doors and door frames, wiping the insides of the cabinets, removing cobwebs, and vacuuming furniture).

Professional Southside FL maids to the rescue!

Taking care of your beloved home is a thankless task that never ends. It often feels nerve-racking, as the moment you folded the laundry, the place is cluttered with kids’ toys, and when you finally make it tidy again, it’s time to wash the dishes, vacuum, and take out the trash.

If you find yourself hoping for a quiet afternoon at Little Talbot Island, but instead you’re trapped at home with a mop in your hand, give our unmatched maid services in Southside FL a try. Maids of Jacksonville are here to help you get your life back, while making your house a place you’ll be happy to return to. Call us today, and sit back while we work our magic!

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