How to Get Your Home Ready for a Party

by Maids of Jacksonville Team - January 20, 2020

Are you psyched about your upcoming house party? If you want the party to be a success, what do you need apart from great food and drinks and an amazing playlist? Your home needs to look spectacular, and that means tidy and spotless. Your top priority as a host is to ensure your guests’ satisfaction, and for that you need to think ahead.

For instance, if you schedule home cleaning from Jacksonville Beach expert cleaners on the day of the party, you can kill two birds with one stone: your home will be clean and fresh and you’ll have time to rest and freshen up before the party.

At the same time, you need to take precautionary measures. Parties tend to get out of hand, and unless you’re careful, your home and your stuff could suffer irreversible damage. To prevent that scenario from happening, find out how to adequately protect your home and your things from damage during a party.

How do you keep your house clean at a party?How do you keep your house clean at a party

To ensure that your belongings remain intact at a party, taking action beforehand will go a long way. It won’t take up much of your time, and it will help you make light work of the after party cleaning.

Place absorbent door mats

Much of the filth at parties comes from the outside, or more precisely, from the guests’ soles. It gets even worse if it’s raining, due to all the mud that can enter your home. The way you can prevent this is by simply placing absorbent door mats both inside, and outside the entrance.

Protect your furniture

Cover your furniture with slipcovers or a large throw blanket. This way, even if something ends up getting spilled on your furniture or upholstery, you can deal with it more easily, and your furniture will come through unscathed.

Stock up on coasters

Wooden surfaces in particular can be completely covered in water stains at a party. Cleaning them is a pesky procedure, and the best course of action is to prevent them. Do it by putting coasters all over the house, so that your guests don’t forget to use them.

Be generous with plates

The last thing you need is to run out of plates in the middle of the party, forcing your guests to resort to napkins. There’s no telling how much filth can end up on your floor if this happens. So, make sure to get enough paper plates. Not only are they affordable, but you also don’t have to wash them afterward.

After the party, your home will be in for some in-depth cleaning. Bear in mind that countless vicious viruses might have found their way into your house owing to the high foot traffic and large number of people. Therefore, knowing how to disinfect your home properly is imperative.

How do I protect my carpet during a partyHow do I protect my carpet during a party?

To avoid the drudgery of removing stubborn stains from your carpets, you can implement some straightforward solutions:

  • Use fitted covers: Even if people drop food or spill drinks on your carpets, the stains won’t penetrate the surface of the cover and harm your carpets.
  • Introduce a shoes-off policy: No matter how clean the shoes of your guests look, they invariably contain tiny dust and sand particles. These easily latch onto your carpets, so asking people to take their shoes off is a must.
  • Place garbage cans: Add several garbage cans near the guests in order to minimize the amount of trash on your carpets.
  • Establish off-limits areas: For instance, if you want to eliminate the risk of guests tarnishing your bedroom carpet, just lock the door and you’re good to go.

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