How to Find the Right Cleaning Service

by Maids of Jacksonville Team - March 22, 2018

Finding the Right Cleaning Service in Jacksonville, FL

Choosing a cleaning service can be a daunting task. Many people are nervous about having strangers in their homes for the first time, and will want to know who to trust. It’s also important to know your own needs so you can communicate them to the companies you interview in your search.

Questions to Ask a Cleaning Service

Asking the right questions helps to protect you from any surprises, establish important details, and make sure everyone involved is satisfied. Here are some questions that you’ll want to ask the company you’ve chosen for maid services in Jacksonville, Florida:

  • How do you determine pricing? Most companies count by the number of rooms, square footage, and number of bathrooms. Make sure if you only want certain parts of the house cleaned, the cleaners know, so you don’t accidentally get charged for more than what you had in mind.
  • What kind of cleaning products do you use? If you or anyone in your household has allergies, now is the time to make sure the company knows to avoid specific chemicals as needed.
  • What services are included? If you want a heavy-duty carpet cleaning instead of a normal high-quality vacuuming job, mention it before the cleaners arrive so they can bring the needed equipment.
  • Are pets okay? While it’s courteous to introduce your critters to the friendly cleaners, you’ll want them out of the way while they clean. It’s also a good idea to let the company know about any reptiles or less common pets, so nobody is needlessly frightened.
  • May I see your certifications for insurance, employee background checks, and guarantees? This one is crucial for establishing the credibility and legitimacy of a company, and the right ones will be happy to provide the documentation to reassure you.

Preparing for a Visit from Cleaners

The entire goal of providing housecleaning services is to save you time and energy. There are also a score of other benefits – like that it increases productivity, decreases the amount of stale and dusty air you’re breathing, and even helps you sleep better. The point here is that you don’t want to vacuum and mop before the cleaning service arrives. That’s what they’re there to do, and you’d just be doing the job once yourself, and paying someone else to do the exact same thing a second time. Don’t worry about being embarrassed by a messy house, that’s what your local cleaning service in Jacksonville, FL is there to help with.

Instead, it’s ideal to just make sure there is room to deep clean. Basic clutter should be picked up so that the people cleaning your space have room to sweep, mop, vacuum, and deep clean the kitchen and bathroom(s). Don’t do any more work than it would take for you to clean your own house without hired help.

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Doing a Trial Run with New Maid Services

Before you commit to a long-term cleaning agenda, it’s a good idea to book a few cleanings, and see what you like and dislike. Find out if the service is communicative and able to understand what you want. This is a partnership between the service company and the client. You set the standards, but you also need to be clear about your expectations and boundaries within your living space. After three or four appointments, you’ll get a feel for what it’s like to have people in your house, and what to expect. If you notice any missed spots or think a certain room could have been cleaned better, tell the cleaning company. The problem should be remedied during the following visit.

When the cleaners leave your home, you should feel relief and satisfaction. Your surroundings will look and smell fresh, giving you stress relief and a peaceful living space.

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