How Often Should You Clean Your House

by Maids of Jacksonville Team - January 4, 2019

how often should you clean your house Everyone wants their home to be tidy, clean and presentable, but how often should you clean your house to make sure it is both looking good and representing a healthy, fresh environment for yourself, your family and your guests? Here are a few pointers to guide you to the answer you are looking for. If your daily obligations prevent you from maintaining your home the ideal way, don’t despair: the professional cleaning services Jacksonville FL can offer will prove to be a life-saving option for your home.

How often should you clean your house, and how to make it work?

Proper home maintenance is a crucial aspect of healthy living, but even though you know that, sometimes the work that needs to be done can get quite overwhelming. If you cannot find the time to clean your home regularly and thoroughly, make sure to get the professional help you need and deserve. Knowing what to expect with a reliable cleaning service and which are the crucial factors to consider when picking a cleaning company can greatly help you in making a final decision.

How often should you clean the study

Your curtains will require cleaning once every 3 months, while you should vacuum the room every week. You should clean your computer, keyboard and working desk once per week. Cleaning mirrors and other surfaces from the collected dust should be done at least once a week, too.

Fresh and clean bathroom

Wondering how often should you clean your house necessarily includes the bathroom dilemma. One of the main reasons house owners hire a cleaning service is a fear they won’t be able to make their bathrooms properly clean and healthy for all home residents. It comes as no surprise, knowing that it is advised to replace towels after 3 uses, wipe bathroom floor and sanitize the toilet seat every day, while carefully cleaning the bathtub, toilet and bathroom floors should be done on a weekly basis.

Kitchen and kitchen appliances

The answer to the question how often should you clean your house and, by extension, the kitchen, is tricky if you cook and eat at home. Dirty dishes, coffeemakers, and kitchen countertop should be carefully cleaned daily. A microwave needs sanitizing once a week, while a dishwasher must be cleaned once a month to remove odors and cleaning products residues. Depending on the size of a fridge you own and the types of groceries you store in it, the fridge is recommended to be cleaned once in every 1-6 months.

Bedroom from your dreams

Bed linens should ideally be replaced once a week, while regular airing is advised to take place every day. Mattresses should be carefully cleaned every two months, to make sure your family members and guests safely rest on dust- and mites-free surfaces. Toy chests in your children’s bedroom should be cleaned twice a month, as they represent a germ “playground”, which could affect your children’s health if not handled with care.

How often should you clean your house? We know the answer

Keeping your home spotless is a task that isn’t easily accomplished. If you have a family, a job, and interests and activities you don’t want to give up, any house chore will seem like a nightmare that never seems to end. For many house owners, even reading a text named “How often should you clean your house” represents an unpleasant experience.

It’s time to put the unpleasantness to rest and give your home the treatment it deserves. Maids of Jacksonville professional cleaning service has come to the rescue. We present you a wide offer of available services to choose from, with frequency set to fit your needs. Contact us today, and give your home a steady, fresh makeover that will keep the whole family happy!

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