How Much Does a Maid Typically Cost?

by Maids of Jacksonville Team - May 6, 2019

how much is maid service for an apartmentThe typical Jacksonville maid service costs can cover quite a range, and they mostly depend on several different factors that need to be taken into an account. These factors can include the number of rooms that need to be cleaned, the number of bathrooms in your home, your specific needs for certain types of cleaning products, travel time to your home, and the desired cleaning frequency. Maid service costs also depend on the chosen cleaning company’s rates. Here is all you need to know before opting for a service that fits your household needs!

How much is maid service for an apartment?

Knowing what maid services entail and how to employ weekly maid service are the first steps in getting your home the proper sanitary care it requires. One of the important aspects of choosing a maid service that is just right for your Neptune Beach or Springfield home is the price you will be required to pay for this type of home maintenance.

Calculating a price for maid services is a process in which you’ll need to count in the aspects such as the type of cleaning, the number of square meters to be covered, and the cleaning frequency. As can be expected, standard cleaning will usually cost less than deep and move in/move out cleaning. Also, opting for recurring cleaning (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) will always turn out to be a more economical solution that choosing the one-time option.

As different cleaning companies offer different conditions, the best way to get an accurate estimation for maid service prices is to visit a few different websites and check out their price/quote estimators. Enter your personal information, the type of cleaning, frequency, and the number of bedrooms in your home. You will be presented with the price you can expect.

Do you tip a maid service?Do you tip a maid service

When you use the services of a maid who comes from a reputable cleaning company, it’s often hard to estimate if any gratuity is expected. There is no strict standard or etiquette concerning tipping maids and house cleaners, unlike it’s the case with some other service providers such as waiters and bartenders.

Nevertheless, if you wish to reward your maid with a small token of appreciation for a job well done, there is no reason not to do so. You can show how much you appreciate their work in the form of a small gift, or you can tip them around $10 on each cleaning session. Just don’t overthink it and decide for yourself.

How much to tip maid service for the weekend?

What sort of attitude is expected when it comes to tipping your maid for the weekends or the holidays? Just as it’s ordinarily the case with tipping, it’s not very likely that your cleaner coming from a maid company will ask for gratuity. Although you’re not obliged to provide a bonus, you can decide on this yourself. If you believe that your maid deserves praise, you can reward them with an amount no higher than their daily rate.

Jacksonville FL cleaning superstars keep your home tidy and healthy

According to certified organizations such as ISSA, to ensure your home is clean and healthy for your family, you should perform deep cleaning at least once or twice a year. On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, however, you’d rather spend time with your family and friends than with a mop in your hands!

With Maids of Jacksonville, finding the first-rate maid services in Jacksonville, FL is now easier than ever. We understand your need to preserve your free time for the activities that make you smile. To help you get your life back and keep your home in ship-shape at the same time, the best maid service in Jacksonville, FL offers a helping hand. Check our price estimator, and schedule your first cleaning session today!

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