What to do In-between Maid Services Cleaning

by Maids of Jacksonville Team - March 19, 2018

Tips for Keeping Your House Clean Between Maid Services in Jacksonville, FL

Mop and mop bucket for cleaning house

There’s nothing quite like walking into your freshly cleaned home, especially if you weren’t the one who had to clean it. It’s nice, clean and fresh. But then three days later you look up and wonder what in the world happened to your beautiful living space. It was light and airy, now this? Here are a few tips for keeping your house clean between cleanings by professional maid services in Jacksonville, FL.

Tip 1: Only Worry About the Main Areas

To keep it manageable in between cleaning services just focus all your efforts on the main areas of your house. For most people, this just includes the living room, kitchen, dining area, and guest bathroom. Most of the people who are guests in your home are likely to only see these rooms. If these areas are clean and someone stops by unexpectedly or on short notice, you won’t have to frantically clean.

Tip 2: Break Cleaning into Smaller Tasks

Since your home has already been cleaned professionally by maid services in Jacksonville, all you really need to do is maintain the clean. Instead of trying to do it all on one day, take on one smaller area each day. This helps keep areas clean without you feeling overwhelmed.

Tip 3: Manage Clutter

Clutter is one thing that can make your house feel dirty quickly. Make sure everything gets put away on a daily basis so unwanted clutter doesn’t have a chance to accumulate. One recommendation includes have a catch-all bin or drawer where you can put things that need to be sorted. It might also be useful for all those little things that don’t quite have a spot. Keeping clutter to a minimum will keep your living area more organized and you’ll be less stressed.

Tip 4: Swipe Those Mirrors

All the mirrors in your house were cleaned by maid services in Jacksonville, FL, but since they catch light so easily they show splatter stains and dust very quickly. In between house cleanings polish the mirrors at least once. You may keep a microfiber cloth on hand for this purpose. Just grab it and go over mirrors to help brighten them up and make the room feel fresh again.

Tip 5: Don’t Let Floors Get You Down

Your life is busy, and there isn’t much time for vacuuming every day. One way to help keep your floors cleaner in between cleanings is to place thick doormats at entrances. If you are comfortable with it, you may also ask your family and guests to remove their shoes upon entering the house. Taking off your shoes at the door is a great way to keep dirt and debris from tracking through the house. That alleviates the need for sweeping or cleaning them every day.

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If you feel you simply cannot keep your house clean before the cleaners are scheduled to come back, you may want to schedule a more frequent clean. Call for maid services in Jacksonville, FL and update your cleaning schedule.


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