Making House Cleaning a Family Thing

by Maids of Jacksonville Team - September 23, 2019

Your home requires a great deal of effort and commitment if you intend to keep it pristine and comfortable. Cleaning it takes up so much of your time that it makes you feel bone-tired, especially when you do it alone. For this reason, it is vital to have your family members help you with the process. Besides, the leading experts at house cleaning in Arlington FL will make your life easier, and show you simple hints to include your family in housework.

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How do I get my family to keep my house clean?

Before doing any sort of housework, you should first have a sit-down with your family to propose and discuss solutions to the cleaning problem, and find common ground. The best plan to get your family to start cleaning up should consist of:


This is when you and your family get to say which rooms and areas you need clean at all times. For example, if you find your kitchen the most important room, your family will now become more considerate of your needs and remember to do the dirty dishes from time to time. You should reciprocate to ensure effectiveness.


It is counterproductive to have one person clean the entire house, while the rest of the family are idle. Instead, divide the cleaning in segments, and decide who gets to do what. This needs to be done according to every person’s preference, so as to avoid potential quarrels.


Try to establish the exact time when every family member should do their assignments. However, bear in mind that you will encounter many situations such as your spouse coming home from work too tired to do any cleaning, or your child going through problems at school. Be tolerant when dealing with these, but don’t let your family fall too far behind their cleaning.

Should you see that your plan needs some modifying, feel free to do it. Adapt the routine according to the challenges that may occur down the line.

How do I help my child with housework?

As previously mentioned, your child needs to be included in the cleaning process. But the question is how to do it the right way?

Work as a team

Your kid will initially need a lot of guidance, and you will need to introduce them to cleaning basics. Not only will this accelerate the learning process, but will also make your child feel comfortable and entertained. Don’t forget to praise them, since this will encourage them to keep working diligently.

Inspire creativity

Don’t let cleaning with your child turn into mere dusting and mopping, because it is bound to get tedious and divert them from participating. Rather, turn the activity into a game, where your child can use their imagination. For instance, vacuuming the bedroom can turn into a thrilling rocket ride.

Vary their assignments

Teach your child to do all the chores you and your spouse do, unless they’re dangerous or too demanding. That way, your kid gets to choose their favorites without getting bored.

How do I motivate my child to clean?

To get your child to be a part of home cleaning, as well as to keep them on board, there are several strategies you can implement:

  • Allowance: The thought of losing pocket money for not doing their chores will surely have a positive impact on your child’s attitude towards housework. On the other hand, if your child displays exceptional work ethic, raise their allowance to keep them going.
  • Don’t use housework as punishment: This will make your child associate chores with something unpleasant, which would in turn rob them of all the benefits that doing chores could have on their development.  
  • Introduce other types of rewards: Be it a new toy, or a trip to an amusement park, anything your child finds pleasure in will do the trick: motivate them to clean up after themselves. 

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