A Professional House Cleaning Checklist: From Start to Finish

by Maids of Jacksonville Team - February 20, 2019

What is the fastest way to clean a houseA clean, tidy house represents a healthy living environment, so it’s no surprise that many homeowners tirelessly do their best to keep their homes spick and span. Experts offering services of house cleaning in Jacksonville FL suggest that a professional house cleaning checklist can be of great assistance to anyone who wants only the best treatment for their home. Here is what you need to know about the matter.

What is the fastest way to clean a house?

Spending precious moments of your day deep-cleaning your house is surely not a dream-come-true. However, your personal living space needs attention and dedication every once in a while, and since you want only the best for your family, you rise to the challenge. Here is what you can do to clean your home efficiently and thoroughly at the same time.

  1. Go about the cleaning by taking care of one room at a time. Instead of trying to cover everything at once, take the time to devote to one particular room. After making sure it is properly and thoroughly clean to the extent you are comfortable with, move to the next one.
  2. Become a master of multitasking, and try to save every minute you can. Load and run a dishwasher or a laundry machine and let them do their part while you are dusting or vacuuming. Open all the windows and ventilate the home, while you’re washing the floors.
  3. Include your family members. The more people are involved, the faster the cleaning is going to be finished. You can make the whole process more fun by playing word games with your kids or talking about your day with your spouse.
  4. Hire a professional house cleaning service. Getting your home in ship shape thoroughly and efficiently is the most important aspect of what house cleaning services do. Knowing why your house cleaner needs insurance is one of the most important aspects of recognizing the professional home cleaning service in Jacksonville FL, so make an informed decision that will benefit your home and your family.

Where do I start when cleaning my house?Where do I start when cleaning my house

Professional advice often given by experienced maids suggests that, when starting to clean your house, you should begin with the room that requires most of the work. It sure sounds unpleasant, and you might feel that you’d begin more easily if you left it for the end of the process.

Sadly, this can do you more harm than good. Starting with the toughest tasks first will feel tiresome at the beginning, but you will keep feeling better and better as you progress. Once the “difficult” room is ready to go, you will feel enormous relief that the worst part is actually over.

When cleaning the house the bathroom should be cleaned first: true or false?

Depending on your household habits, the bathroom may not seem like the messiest place in your home. Yet, professionals emphasize that this is definitely one of the spaces you’d want to clean before any other room. A thoroughly sanitized bathroom is a good start, as health always comes first.

When cleaning the house the bathroom should be cleaned firstUnmatched house cleaning services in Jacksonville FL

No matter how hard we try, sometimes we just can’t keep up with all the demands in our lives. Do you find yourself struggling to dedicate time to your work, friends, family, and yourself? Are you constantly feeling overwhelmed with house chores? Then it’s time to get the professional help.

When it comes to top-quality house cleaning in Jacksonville FL, Maids od Jacksonville is your reliable partner, ready to send the most experienced maids to your door. Visit the amazing Riverside Art Market, take your dog for a walk, or relax with a cup of coffee. The efficient and competent maids we refer will handle all the rest.

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