Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cleaning Company

by Maids of Jacksonville Team - November 27, 2018

factors to consider when choosing a cleaning company

Have you ever thought to yourself: “24 hours is simply too short for a day”? Opting for one of the top Jacksonville cleaning services will free your time for what you really want to do. Torn between professional obligations, family, friends, and a desire to spend some time on personal interests, many homeowners who can’t find the time to clean the house often enough turn to referral cleaning companies. This is one of the main reasons to hire a top-notch cleaning service that will live up to your expectations. What are the key factors to consider when choosing a cleaning company? Here are several aspects you should have in mind.

References and recommendations

When deciding on a cleaning company, take the time to check their references and testimonials. If the customers are loyal and glad to recommend the company, it’s a sign of good communication and proven customer satisfaction.

Cleaners’ expertise and personal records

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a cleaning company is the cleaners’ expertise. Look for a cleaning company that hires professional, customer-oriented cleaning experts, who are preferably employed after a few-step vetting process. As making sure your home is safe at all times is crucial, it’s very important that a cleaning company of your choice has a special process for making reference and background checks. This way you can be sure the cleaners have spotless personal records, with no history of any law violation.

Green and clean

A cleaning company of your choice should be able to offer an option of green/eco-friendly cleaning, preferably at no additional charge. Depending on the customer’s wish, it should be possible to request cleaning sessions with customer’s own eco-friendly products, or the products provided by the company.

Easy scheduling should be among the factors to consider when choosing a cleaning company

A dependable cleaning service should have a straightforward, easy to use online booking system, that allows the customer to schedule a cleaning session quickly and safely.

Wide offer of available services

Whether you’re looking for a basic, deep, move in / move out cleaning, or you wish to schedule a cleaning session for your business space, a good cleaning company should be prepared to accommodate your needs and preferences.

Insured and bonded cleaners

Checking if the cleaning company’s staff are insured and bonded is another important step in your search. Make sure to check if this criteria is met before making a final decision.

People skills

The last but not least, one of the vital factors to consider when choosing a cleaning company is cleaners’ behavior and attitude. Apart from being efficient and professional, cleaners should treat a client’s home and personal belongings respectfully, while having a positive, friendly attitude with the customers.

Meeting all the factors to consider when choosing a cleaning company – and then some

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