How to Clean Your Kitchen Sink to Perfection

by Maids of Jacksonville Team - October 31, 2019

How do you get stains out of a kitchen sinkIn order to be functional and dirt-free, your kitchen sink constantly needs a lot of attention. However, keeping it clean can be arduous, since you use it more than any other kitchen element. Apart from grease and food particles, there are all sorts of germs that need to be dealt with to get a safe and spotless sink. To save you the trouble, the leading maid services in Arlington, FL can show you ways to make your kitchen sink shine.

Find out how to get your family to clean so that you can implement our wall cleaning tutorial hassle-free. Also, don’t forget that cleaning kitchen cabinets thoroughly is another major aspect of maintaining hygiene in your kitchen.       

How do you disinfect a stainless steel sink?

Regardless of what area in your home you’re disinfecting, it’s best to opt for natural products. In this case, you should go for white vinegar. Just follow these simple steps:


You don’t want anything to get in the way during the cleaning process. This means that you should either do the dishes before you disinfect the sink, or move them to another place for the time being. The same goes for any other objects near the sink that may hinder the procedure.

Clean with soap and water

Use a sponge or a rag to spread the solution across the entire sink. You don’t have to spend much time doing this. What is important is that the layer of soap and water is applied, so that the vinegar does a more effective job.

Spray with vinegar 

Spray the sink down with white distilled vinegar. Let it rest for up to 5 minutes. This will give it time to eliminate the germs that your kitchen sink may harbor. Let the sink air dry, or wipe it down, and your sink will be completely safe to use.

How do you get stains out of a kitchen sink? 

Stains appear on your kitchen sink all the time. Whether you are frying food, or chopping veggies, your sink simply can’t remain unscathed. Luckily you can prevent the situation from escalating quite easily. This is all you need to do:

Free up space

As we mentioned before, you can’t do the task if there are dirty dishes and other items in the sink. Wash them, or delay the chore for another time.

Sprinkle baking soda 

Adding baking soda will break up food particles, and help get rid of grease without harming the sink surface. What’s more, it removes nasty odors coming from the sink, and doesn’t come with an overwhelming smell.


Take a soft nylon scrub brush and dip it into some soap and water. Rub the baking soda from top to bottom. This will cause the dirty water to get to the areas you haven’t cleaned yet.  Keep scrubbing until the stains are gone, and the scratches are less conspicuous.

Dry and add olive oil

Olive oil can be used for cleaning purposes and not just cooking and dressings, which is yet another reason why it’s immensely popular. First, wipe the sink clean with a rag or let it air dry for several minutes. Then just apply a few drops of olive oil to the sink, and distribute it evenly with a lint-free cloth. This will give your sink a shiny look, and a lovely scent. 

What cleans stainless steel sinks the best?

We’ve already mentioned some products you can use to restore your sink to its former glory. The list below includes them, as well as some others that will surely get the job done as well:

  • White vinegar
  • Baking soda 
  • Stainless steel  chemical cleaners: There’s a wide array of stainless cleaning products out there that will help you remove stains and polish your sink. When deciding which one to buy, make sure that it’s a moderate abrasive so as to avoid damaging the surface. 
  • Oil-based cleaners: If you want to stick to a natural solution, an oil-based cleaner should yield fruitful results. An average cleaner of this type usually contains oils such as soybean oil, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, and essential oils.

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