Rug and Carpet Cleaning at Home: The Ultimate Do’s and Don’ts

by Maids of Jacksonville Team - August 16, 2019

How do you clean a large area rug at homeEvery homeowner enjoys spending time in a spotless home, surrounded by their loved ones. However, it’s not always easy to find the time for house cleaning and quality time with those you love. With the help of house cleaning companies in Jacksonville FL, you will be able to dedicate time to the things that really matter. 

Let seasoned maids take care of your home from floor to ceiling! Speaking of floors, it is the efficient cleaning and maintenance of rugs and carpets that the majority of us find most challenging. Professionals seem to perform these tasks effortlessly. But how do they do that? Here are a few tips and tricks.

How do you clean a large area rug at home?

Although frequent and thorough vacuuming usually keeps your rugs clean and presentable, you will need to deep clean them from time to time nonetheless. Whether any stains are clearly visible or not, this is the only way to be sure your rugs are fresh and safe for the health of your family and guests.

Whenever you use a rug cleaning product, however, make sure to test its effects on a small corner patch of your carpet. This way, you can prevent any potential damage the chemicals could leave behind. Here is a list of ways for the in-depth cleaning of your rugs.

  1. Sodium bicarbonate will help you get rid of hard, persistent stains, while also taking care of any bad smells coming from the carpet. Pour some of it on and leave it overnight. All you need to do in the morning is simply vacuum the carpet.
  2. Carpet shampoo can also be very useful and effective in removing stains and impurities. All you will need is a bucket of clean water, a brush to rub the shampoo in with, and a wet cloth or towel you’ll use to dab the rug to “rinse” it.
  3. Steam cleaning is one of the fastest and simplest ways to clean large rugs and carpets, but the technology might be a little pricey for most homeowners.

How do you clean a large area rug on hardwood floors?

How do you clean a large area rug on hardwood floorsToo much water and cleaning products can ruin your hardwood floors. Here’s how to clean rugs and carpets on wooden floors to avoid any damage.

  1. Placing a rag underneath your carpet can protect the floors from absorbing cleaning products when you need to clean specific portions of your rug (in case of single stains, for example).
  2. If you need to refresh the entire rug, place a waterproof plastic sheet underneath it to protect the floors from absorbing any excess water or cleaning product residues. Ideally, you should tape the protective sheet tight in place, in order to secure the safety of your wooden floors.

How do you clean a white rug?

Keeping a white area rug presentable and clean is a specifically challenging task. As the stains are much more prominent on white than on any other color, your white carpets will need some extra care from your part. Here are several ideas on how to keep your white rug sparkly clean in the comfort of your own home.

  1. Wash it with baking soda or a few drops of dish soap.
  2. Treat it with a mixture of water, detergent, table salt, and baking soda.
  3. Vinegar, dish soap, and water can also make a powerful combo able to take care of white rugs.
  4. Got red wine on your ivory carpet? Some club soda should get it out in no time.
  5. In winter months, you can even try cleaning your white rugs with snow. 

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