10 Organization Ideas You Can Implement Today

by Maids of Jacksonville Team - March 24, 2018

Organization before you hire a cleaning service

10 Organization Ideas You Can Implement Before For Next Home Cleaning

In the age of life-hacks and smart little concepts, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Do you add the latest color-coded bins to the shopping list? What were you supposed to do with your next empty toilet paper roll, again?

At Maids of Jacksonville, we wanted to put together something a little different. These ten quick ideas are things you can do today, without needing to set aside a whole day for de-cluttering or having to make an extra trip to the store. It’s easy to get carried away once you start sorting everything – we recommend setting a timer so you don’t spend all day organizing!

1. Embrace the Clutter

Most people have an empty box or three sitting around. A laundry basket or tote will work just as well if you don’t. Look around, and see where the clutter is piling up. Don’t blame yourself! Everyone has at least a little clutter in their homes, if only on busy days. Try to see your everyday surroundings with fresh eyes, and notice where the biggest clutter piles are. Are all the shoes kicked off by the entry way? Put a box there, and toss all the shoes into it. Embrace the clutter pile, and the box makes it official: that’s where that clutter belongs now. It’s also a great way to make room for when the cleaners visit.

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2. Start A Donation Box

We’re not done with the boxes yet! Carry another one with you throughout the house, and think carefully about what you never wear or use. This doesn’t have to be an in-depth project. Just put a few things in the box, stick it in a corner where you won’t forget about it, and add to it throughout the week. Let your kids and partner know that the box is there, so they can make donations of their own (you’ll save yourself trouble if you let them decide what to get rid of, too). When the box is full, just drop it off at your local donation center, and you can get a receipt for a tax deduction.

3. Use a magazine file

Experts say that the best way to deal with piles of papers – notes, bills, mail, flyers – is to store them vertically, not horizontally. If you have a magazine file around, just put it right where that stack seems to always be. Stand up the papers, and glance through them to throw away any outdated ones. Stack the rest in the magazine file, and you’re done. Instant organization.

4. Scan the Sentimental

Still have some papers in there that you aren’t quite sure what to do with? These can include a sweet handwritten card from last Christmas, a photograph, or a hastily jotted-down number. Just take a picture with your phone, or use an app like Evernote to track important documents. Toss the original, and you’ll always be able to find the information when you actually need it.

5. Tackle Your Junk Drawer

Junk drawers hold so many odds and ends, it’s hard to know exactly what’s inside them. Almost any old multi-compartment item will help – our favorites are using an old egg carton, daily pill organizer, or muffin tin. Separate the tacks, paper clips, staple removers, bread bag twist ties, and erasers into them for easy finding. Some label tape and permanent marker will let everyone know what goes where. An old box of checkbook refills makes a great pen container, and use a zip-close sandwich bag for all those rubber bands.

6. Move Clutter Collections in the Kitchen

Other than the junk drawer, one of the biggest sources of clutter is digging through all those storage lids and cookie cutters. If you’ve got an unused cookie jar around, just put your cookie cutters in there. They’ll be in the most obvious place imaginable next time you’re in the mood for baking. CD holders fit easily in drawers, and they’re perfect for holding all those plastic lids.

7. Check the Closet

Organized closet, cleaning service preparation


If your closet looks like most people’s, it’s not a project that can be handled in a few minutes. But here are a few things you can do in a jiffy, that will make your closet feel freshly organized again. Shoes can be arranged by pairs, with the toe of one touching the heel of the other. This maximizes space and makes it easy to find shoes – and if there are too many for the floor, consider using a bookshelf or shower caddy for them. Are there any clothes that have slipped off the hangers? Just wrap a pipe cleaner around each end of the hanger to keep your garments from sliding. Shower rings hung from a hanger make hanging ties and scarves easy, and toss all the unused hangers in the donation box.

8. Preparing The Bathroom for Cleaning Service

Your cleaning service in Jacksonville, FL will take care of the dirty work. But until they arrive, it’s up to you to figure out how to arrange bath toys, hairbands, brushes, makeup, and the like. Grab an empty jar and put the toothbrushes in it. If you have an extra square storage container, a little mounting putty on the wall turns it into a place for hair ties, bobby pins, small liquid toiletries, etc. A file separator is perfect for separating washcloths and hand towels, too. And here’s a favorite for parents: hang a mesh bag from the bathtub wall, and all those little bath toys will have a place to dry out at last.

9. Hide cords with tape

Return to your main room and take a deep breath. What cords never move, but dangle around the edges of end tables, or perhaps behind the entertainment center? Grab some tape and hold the cord up close to the furniture – a table leg or the back of a bookcase will work just fine. Just a few minutes later, the cords will be discretely hidden. This also makes it easy for our employees to navigate around cords while mopping and vacuuming.

10. Plan for Tomorrow

What will you see when you wake up tomorrow morning? Congratulate yourself and give yourself a quick vantage point. What’s on your nightstand? What’s on your bedroom floor? Is there anything you can move or put away to give yourself a clean start? You’ll be happy you took advantage of these quick little tips, and feel refreshed when you get up to face another day in your freshly organized home.

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